Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-permanent make-up tattooing is a fresh way to look your best. New organic pigments on the market coupled with a make-up artist with over 25 years experience will have you looking beautiful and amazing. Permanent cosmetics or make-up is a wonderful tool to help showcase your natural beauty, restore and refresh your skin without troublesome and expensive surgeries!

At Ever Beauty Studio, LLC., we combine Asian techniques with western culture to come up with an innovative approach to meet your needs. Our goal for you is to receive comfortable, safe treatments to boost your confidence and desired look. We will accomplish that goal using premium products and licensed, skillful professional make-up artists.

Semi-permanent eyebrows round out your face and make you look youthful. Semi-permenant eyebrows are created by inserting pigment into the dermis using a small vibrating needle, much the same as those used by tattoo artists. On average, this procedure lasts about 2 years. The staff at Ever Beauty Studio will help you pick the perfect style so you come out looking natural.

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